Tuesday 30 June 2009

Ruby and Sapphire Guide Approved by CIBJO

CIBJO has approved a Ruby Guide and a Sapphire Guide to promote and educate the public about them. The guides were developed by TGJTA in Thailand. There have been many cases in which the end consumer and even the salesman in retail outlets aren't able to answer some basic questions and these guides will help them with the basics.

These guides are available for download at our website at

Please do not alter the above guides without the permission of CIJBO and TGJTA.

Vikas Gandhi

Thai Goverment Policy to Promote Colour Stone Trade

29th June will be recorded as a major initial step towards promoting Thailand as a major cutting center for colourstones of all kinds. Prime Minister Abhisit has declared to waive VAT on importing rough colour stones (HS 7103.10.00). Only items sold will be taxed at 1%, rest can be re-exported without any taxes or formalities.

Also an initiative to promote Thai cut and polished stones as "Ploy Thai" was brought up as a branding strategy for stones cut and polished in Thailand. This can include gemstones mined anywhere else but imported and cut and polished in Thailand.

We at Gandhi Enterprises are very pleased with such initiatives and policies as it will help our stones which are cut and polished in Thailand and also will help other individuals here in Thailand who work together to strengthen the image of "Ploy Thai".

Vikas Gandhi

Wednesday 3 June 2009

Gems & Jewellery Fairs

Now days gems & jewellery fairs are just about the organisers making money and not for the benefit of exhibitors, this is what we think.

This is why we have decided to opt out from most of these exhibitions and market out products in other more creative and economical ways. We want the cost benefit by saving the unnecessary expense from exhibitions and passing them to our customers. We beleive that the customers should get the best service and price and we continually try to evolve to meet this criteria, at the same time building and strengthening our brand and product value.

Vikas Gandhi